SEO – It’s not magic – Video tutorial for WordPress

Search engine optimization is essential for every business’s website. Higher search rankings directly lead to increased traffic; ultimately leading to higher profitability and awareness.

Most web developers are skilled enough to execute SEO essentials. But to a developer, whose time is money, SEO is often last priority when faced with the opportunity to move on to another project. Ultimately too often business owners explicitly trust their web developer to launch a website – and never realize how the developer has cut corners on SEO. Turning to an SEO “expert” is often like the searching for wizard of Oz. SEO experts pretend there is some mystery and wonder behind their tactics – pretending that by virtue of being their client your site is “optimized.”

SEO is not magic. It’s not rocket science, either.

There are lots of tactics to improve your site’s ranking – with varying levels of effectiveness and difficulty. One of the MOST simple and important steps of SEO is defining your META tags.
This coding is often lost with a CMS like WordPress, because the real beauty of WordPress is the user’s ability to move beyond the laborious task of learning, typing, and retyping lines of code. But defining your site’s META tag is free, effective, and I’ll show you exactly how to do it:

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As you can see in the video, this SEO essential is as easy as placing the following text in the header.php file located in your WordPress site’s theme directory:

< meta name=”description” content=”Business thought for consideration from Steven Rydin.” />
< meta name=”keywords” content=”steven rydin, business strategy, business tactics, financial markets, seo, marketing” />

Here is a link to Bluefish, the free HTML editor.

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