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How media social is your business?

Many businesses rely on making personal connections to build their revenue. Often, a firm handshake and a steady gaze is the only way to really trust someone you are doing business with. But times are changing, is your business adopting social media?

Do you trust Amazon? Apple? I bet you have never met Steve Jobs.

These companies formed a relationship with me through customer relationship management (CRM). A common buzzword in marketing and academia- I often hear a disconnect between theory and execution.

So this isn’t an article about how you should be “doing” CRM. Let me show you three quick ways to reach out and connect with your customers through social media:

1. Facebook Social Plugins – Are used to integrate your Facebook fan page into your website. Inspire comments on FB about your products, feature faces of your fans + more. This link will get you started.

2. Twitter “Tweet” Buttons – Let your customers broadcast your products or service on Twitter. With some├é┬áingenuity, you can also broadcast what you are saying on Twitter, or even let people sign up to follow you.

3. Mailchimp – Is a great way to send beautiful full color email campaigns to your clients. Just upload your contact database, design your letter, and send.

Embracing tools like these is imperative; especially in the new market, where lifetime relationships are formed electronically.

The wireless movement shifts ad revenue to web

We live in the information age. No doubt about it. The basis for this claim: 8 in 10 own a high tech gadget. But it’s not the ownership of laptop computers, smart phones, and tablets that is a phenomenon, it’s the discovery of a new need: Wireless.

You can rest assured, Pew Research Center did its homework when collecting this information. But to whom do we attribute this need for anytime, anywhere, wireless access to information?


Geeky little engineers with instructions (or heart transplants) from marketers are using product & distribution strategies to create a wireless movement. It’s a movement that has people walking into telephone poles, driving through red lights, and completely ignoring other people in the room.

That trance-like attention to the web will change the landscape of advertising. Consequently, marketers not only created the need, but they will reap its lucrative benefits.

In a digital age where time and mobility is money, marketing revenue is shifting from traditional ad mediums like TV, radio, and especially newspaper, to the Internet. But this is just the beginning…

Companies are already fighting tooth and nail for the best web ad locations & tactics.

No longer is Internet marketing a simple banner ad. In fact, the landscape of Internet marketing is only now being forged. Internet advertising is already the most sophisticated but yet least pioneered frontier of advertising.

Disciples of marketing: Now is the time to get on board the train to Internet advertising.