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Be a knowledge leader – RSS in 3 Steps

The internet is like a pipeline. It’s an enormous pipeline filled with all kinds of information. Information that you want, information that you don’t want- more information than you’ll ever need (or care) to know is in the pipe. Search engines do a pretty good job at helping you pluck info from the pipeline as you request it.

But is there a better way to get the info you want, when you want it? How can you tap the pipeline and filter out unwanted info? RSS feeds. And these feeds aren’t just for the techno-savvy.

In 3 steps you can have salient, customizable information delivered to your computer, iPhone, iPad, or wherever you are connected to the web.

Step 1: Download a readerĀ to your internet device.
Computer- reader.google.com
iPhone/iPad- Free RSS in the app store

Step 2: Find some great sources of information online.
Wherever a feed is available, you’ll see this symbol:

Step 3:
Copy and paste RSS links to your reader.

Far too often businesses rely on imperfect or outdated information. In order to get current and accurate information for your small business, consider RSS.

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